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January 26
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                You weren’t anyone special, and you knew that. Of course your father was rather powerful, but it didn’t affect you, and who you were. You never wanted the fancy dresses and all the suitors your father arranged for you to meet over the past two years.

                No matter how hard you tried to avoid it, you would have to choose a suitor soon. Your eighteenth birthday was approaching, and if you didn’t choose, your father would have to. And you did not want that at all. He would just pick the one most fitted to carry on his business.

                Being the only heir to your father’s winery, you had to have a strong and intelligent man for a husband. The business wasn’t the most popular, but if you mentioned your last name, everyone would know of it. The sad thing was that, you knew your father wouldn’t look for the love in your marriage, just someone to benefit the company.

                You frowned just at that thought. Looking out your carriage window, you watched all the trees go by silently.               

                You were currently on your way to see a friend of your fathers. He said that this person would help you find a suitor. You didn’t like the idea, but you knew you had to.

                This person’s name you found out to be Ciel Phantomhive, the Earl. Apparently your father and he made a deal a while ago, but of course, you knew nothing of this.

                There was a rather large manor coming into sight, you guessed this was your destination. You straightened your (color) dress over your thick thighs and stomach.

                Another issue for you was your size. You knew that a small waist, and being skinny as a whole was considered ‘beautiful’, but that didn’t help you at all. Your figure consisted of a large bust, soft stomach, and thick thighs. You knew that if you chose a suitor, they wouldn’t accept you for you. Or so you thought. You have been sheltered your whole life, and had no clue what men desired in women. Unknown to you was that you were exactly what men wanted. You had wide hips and a large bust, your only down-fall was your waist, they liked a small waist. But overall you were actually desired by some of the suitors you have already met.

                You sighed as the carriage came to a stop. You would be staying at the Phantomhive manor for a week. There was going to be a ball tonight for your arrival.

                The door opened to reveal a rather tall man. He held out a hand to you with a gentle smile. You returned the smiled and took his hand as he helped you out of the carriage. Once you were out, you got to get a better look at the man. He raven black hair that highly contrasted with his pale skin. He also had piercing red eyes.

                “Welcome to the Phantomhive manor Lady (f/n), we have been awaiting your arrival.” His voice was smooth, and a thick English accent rippled off his tongue.

                “Thank you…?” You wanted to know this man’s name dearly for some odd reason.

                He smiled at you again and started leading you to the manor’s doors, as the other servants began to get your luggage from the carriage, “You may call me Sebastian miss.”

                “Well then, thank you Sebastian.” You gave him a smile.

                “It isn’t a problem at all miss.” He stated simply and started leading you through the manor. He said that he was taking you to see his master, which you thought was this Ciel Phantomhive.


~~~Bassy’s POV~~~


                So this is the famous (f/n) (l/n)? Well, I do believe I have a new subject of interest. I thought as I led the lovely lady to the young master’s study, a smirk forming upon my lips.

                Once we came to the door, I knocked on the door twice waiting for the approval to enter. I heard the faint ‘come in’, and following I opened the door.

                I held it out for the lady and entered after her. I watched how her hips slightly swayed as she walked up to my master’s desk. I felt the same smirk come to my face, but it quickly disappeared as I stood by my master.

                “Good day miss (f/n), it’s good to see that you have finally arrived.” The young earl stated to you.

                You smiled and nodded, “Good day to you Lord Phantomhive, it’s good to finally meet you. My father talks a lot about you.”

                Ciel broke a small smiled and nodded, “He speaks of you a lot as well, and the fact that you need to find a husband, correct?”

                As soon as the young earl spoke those words, I felt anger rise in me. She’s here to find a damn husband?! I though angrily. I know that, that will have to take some looking into.

                You sighed and nodded, “Yes that is true, I hope this isn’t a burden for you sir.”

                Ciel shook his head, “Of course not, your father and I are close, and this isn’t a problem at all. Now, I will have Sebastian take you to your room for now. I will also send Mey-Rin to your room to help you get prepared for the ball tonight, seeing it’s getting late rather quickly.”

                You nodded your head and bowed slightly, “Of course.” You smiled and followed me to the door.

                I soon started leading you again through the hallways of the manor. As we got closer to the room, I glanced over at my companion.

                I could feel the insecurities that she had roll off her like a wave, but she held herself so well. On the outside, you could have never guessed. That is something that I like, she holds her head high, she’s strong.

                There was also something else that I loved. I loved the way her soft (h/c) hair fell in delicate curls off her head, and how her shining (e/c) orbs shined so brightly. She’s perfect. I thought, she will be mine.

                We soon came to the door, which I opened for her. As she entered the room, I followed her inside, just to inform you of some things.

                “Miss (f/n), I would just like to inform you that our maid Mey-Rin, who will be helping you this evening, can be a bit off. If there are any issues, just come to me.”

                You gave me that charming smile of yours and nodded, “Of course Sebastian, thank you for all your help.”

                “Of course my dear, if I couldn’t do such simple tasks, what kind of butler would I be?” With that, I left her alone as I fetched May-Rin.


~~~Reader’s POV~~~


                I smiled to myself as Sebastian left. He was quiet handsome, and such a gentleman. I think I would like to get to know him better, sure he may be just a butler, but I have a feeling there is something for than that.

                As I looked around the room, I found that all my things had put neatly away. I went through the closet where all my dresses were hung, looking for one to wear tonight.

                A certain burgundy one caught my eye. It had a ruffled short sleeves with a low V-neck, the skirt was full, with two ruffled layers with black lace lining the hems. I smiled, knowing why this caught my eye.

                This was the dress my mother wore to my fifth birthday, just before she died. This dress had always been special to me, since it was my mother’s favorite color, and mine.

                I took it out of the closet and laid in on my bed just as a red-haired women entered my room.

                “Hello miss (f/n), I’m Mey-rin, and here to help you.” She gave me a sweet smile as I nodded.

                “Of course, thank you very much for your help. I chose my dress.” I gestured to the red one lying on my bed.

                She gave me an exited look, “That’s a beautiful my lady, and excellent choice!” she exclaimed.

                I thanked her again and she went to work.

                She helped me out of my dress and corset and helped me into my new one. It was rather difficult, trying to fit my bust in it without having it painful. Soon she got it and started lacing it up quickly. Next was the dress. We got the dress on easily, and now she was brushing out my curls.

                The young maid brushed my hair with care, I don’t understand why Sebastian would be worried. She pinned my hair out of my face, leaving a few curls to frame my face.

                “Well lady (f/n), I do believe we are finished here. I shall come send Sebastian to escort you properly.” I nodded to her words.

                “Thank you Mey-rin.”

                She bowed and left the room as I sat on the bed silently.


~~~Back to 2nd POV~~~


                Mey-rin went straight to find Sebastian. She really didn’t know why Sebastian wanted to escort you to the ball. After all, he did just meet you.

                Of course, they have all known you were coming for a month or so now, but still. She red-haired maid kept searching for the butler, tripping a few times, but soon found him greeting some of the guests at the door.

                The girl went up to him and tapped his shoulder just as he let another guest in.

                “Sebastian, Miss (f/n) is ready.”

                Sebastian looked down at her and gave her a smile, which made the maid blush slightly, “Thank you, I will go and retrieve her soon as all the guests arrive. You may go back you duties.”

                “Yes sir.” Mey-rin gave him a slight bow and went to the kitchen to where she would bring out the drinks.

After a few minutes, Sebastian saw the last guest arrive, and it happened to me Lady Elizabeth, his master’s fiancé. 

               Sebastian was very polite when showing her inside and kindly taking her to the young lord, just as she asked. But as soon as Lizzy was tied up in complimenting the Lord on his attire, he quickly snuck away to get you. 

               Just as Sebastian made it to your room and lightly knocked on the door, you opened it rather quickly. 

               "Sorry for the delay miss, but I wanted to get all the guests inside before your arrival. I hope you didn't mind the wait." Sebastian told you smoothly.

               "Of course I didn't mind Sebastian, you were doing your job, I would hope I would never get in the way of that." You smiled up at him.

               Sebastian returned your smile with one of his own, "that's wonderful news, and if I do say so miss (f/n), you look quite lovely this evening." He complimented. 

               You blushed at his words and looked down, "thank you Sebastian." 

               "It's my pleasure my dear." Sebastian held out his arm to you, "shall we make an appearance at the ball now then?"

               You linked your arm with him and nodded, "of course!" You exclaimed happily. 

               Sebastian nodded and led you out of the room and down to where the ball was being held. 

               Just as the tow of you made it to the top of the stairs, Sebastian stopped and signaled to the musicians to stop playing. As they stopped, all eyes were on you and Sebastian. He gave a warm smile to all the guests before he spoke. 

               "Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to present to you all the lovely lady in which this ball is being hosted for. Miss (f/n) (l/n)." He said and everyone clapped for you. 

               Sebastian led you down the stairs gracefully as everyone watched you closely. You have them all a warm smile as you descended. Most of the men were eyeing you with a smirk plastered on their faces. On the inside, you were frowning with disgust, but you knew you had to play along for the night. But once Sebastian saw this, he felt anger swell inside, he wanted to rip that look off of all their faces. And he actually would if this wasn't a ball. 

               You unlinked your arm once you reached the bottom of the stairs. "Thank you Sebastian, do you think you can take me to Lord Phantomhive?" You asked politely. 

    "Of course my lady." Sebastian stated and began to lead you to the young master. 

                Once you made it to where Ciel and Lizzy were, Sebastian disappeared somewhere.

                “Hello Lord Phantomhive, I would just like to thank you for this wonderful ball.” You told the young earl happily.

                Ciel smiled at you and nodded, “Of course (f/n), it’s no problem at all. Also, I would like you to meet my fiancé, Elizabeth.” Ciel gestured to the blonde who was standing next to him smiling.

                Before you could say anything, Lizzy spoke up, “It’s lovely to meet you (f/n)! I must say you look so adorable tonight!” She exclaimed with a gleam in her eyes.

                You giggled a little before responding, “Thank you, and it is great to meet you as well Elizabeth.”

                “Oh please, call me Lizzy!” She smiled again brightly.

                The music started to change to a slower paced song, all the couples were starting to dance. Even Lizzy dragged Ciel onto the dance floor.

                You giggled at the sight of the couple. A man soon came up to you asked to dance, but you declined since he was eyeing you cleavage a bit too much.

                Just the look that man gave you sent chills up your spine. You sighed and got yourself a drink. As you were about to take a sip of you champagne, someone tapped your shoulder.

                You turned to meet two deep red orbs. Sebastian. You gave him a sincere smile, “Hello Sebastian.”

                “Hello my dear, may I have the first dance?” He asked holding out his hand.

                “Of course, I would love that.” He smiled back at you as you took his hand, and set down your glass.

                He led you to the dance floor, where he placed his free hand on your hip as you put yours lightly on his shoulder.

                The two of you started to dance perfectly to the music. The way it felt for you to dance with him felt…. Right.

                You got lost in the music while you smiled up at him, that you didn’t realize that you were the only ones dancing now. Everyone was staring at the two of you.

                Every once in a while you could here, ‘isn’t that the butler?’ and ‘how could she choose to dance with him?’ You could care less what everyone else thought, you knew that this was meant to be. You and Sebastian. Even Ciel smiled a little at the two of you, while Lizzy was drooling over the cuteness factor.

                Once the song ended, you stayed in the butler’s arms, you didn’t want to go. But, seeing that people were getting suspicious, Sebastian led you away from the dance floor, making everything went back to normal.

                “That was lovely Sebastian, I couldn’t ask for a better first dance.” You stated with a permanent smile placed upon your lips.

                “Thank you Miss (f/n), I think the same as well, you did wonderfully out there.” He returned your smiled fully.

                You nodded, “You weren’t too bad, for a butler.” You ended your sentence with a mischievous look in your eyes.

                Sebastian chuckled at your face, and gave you a smirk, “Oh really? For a butler?” he ‘tsked’ you before continuing, “I wouldn’t underestimate the abilities of a butler Lady (f/n). After all, if I couldn’t dance, what kind of a butler would I be?”

                You giggled at his well-known saying, “Well then Sebastian, you are just going to have to deal with my presumptions then.”

                Sebastian leaned down and took a lock of your hair in his hand, and twirled it around his finger before he whispered in your ear, “Would you like me to teach you to watch your tongue Miss (f/n)~?” He purred, “I can show you that I’m simply, one hell of a butler~.”

                You blushed brightly as he let your lock of hair fall back against your face. Sebastian stood back up to his full height, smirking at your bright blush.

                You were about to say something, but Ciel walked up before you had the chance. He looked at your red face suspiciously, “Are you ok (f/n)?”

                Again, you were about to speak, but Sebastian was quicker, “I was just about to take Lady (f/n) out for some fresh air actually young master.” Sebastian said, smiling.

                “Of course, off you go then.” The lord stated.

                Sebastian nodded, “Of course.” He took your arm and linked it with his, and led out of the manor

                The night wasn’t that cold, nor was it too warm. It seemed like the perfect atmosphere. You let out a content sigh as the two of you walked, knowing the red in your face had disappeared.

                Sebastian looked over at you and stopped, making you stop as well. You looked over at him a bit confused, until the said butler started to pick you up.

                You began to protest, “Sebastian! Put me down now!”

                He chuckled at you failing attempts to get free of his grip, “I don’t think so my dear, I told you I would teach you to hold your tongue.”

                Immediately after he said that, you froze.

    Once you stopped struggling, Sebastian began to carry you bridal-style towards the manor.

                You were still in a state of shock, is this really happening?? You asked yourself. Sebastian carried you through the back door, and proceeded to take you up to your room. He made sure not to been seen by anyone.

                Making it to your room, Sebastian easily opened the door and shut it. He then lightly threw you onto your bed with just enough force to make you bounce on the mattress. The butler then locked the door before crawling over you on the bed, smirking down at your flushed, innocent face.

                “S-Sebastian…” You stuttered out.

                “Now my sweet (f/n), I do believe I should inform you of some things before I begin our lesson.” He stated, his smirk growing with every word, “First you should know, I know everything about you. I know where you were born, to your first ball, and even down to what kind of corset you wear.” You blushed slightly, “Secondly, you should know that I’m not what I appear to be.” You were about to question him, but his actions stopped you.

                His eyes started to glow, and turned pink. You gasped slightly, “Th-then what are you?”

                His smirk grew wider as his eyes went back to their normal state, “I’m simply, one hell of a butler.” You looked at him confused, “Dear (f/n), for my last piece of information, I won’t allow you to get married to anyone. You are mine, and no one else can have you. Is this clear?” He almost growled the last part at you.

                You knew that you felt something for this man, but were you sure you wanted to be his? Before you could say anything he cut you off, “Here, this will be easier: You won’t marry anyone else because you are mine and you can’t escape.”

                You nodded slightly, “A-alright…”

                “Good girl~.” With that, the demon forcefully attached his lips to yours.

                The kiss took you fully by surprise, not giving yourself enough time to respond, he pushed his tongue into your wet cavern and explored every inch of his new found territory.

                You soon found yourself melting into the kiss as you snaked your arms around his neck and kissed him back desperately. The man smirked against your lips as his hands found their way to the zipper of your dress.

                Sebastian started to slowly unzip your dress as he trailed his kisses down your jawline and down to your neck.

                A soft moan escaped your lips when he found your sensitive spot. His eyes turned demonic, hearing that little noise come from you. Soon your dress was ripped off your body and he started to abuse that cherished spot on your neck.

                Your blush darkened, seeing your dress fall to the floor. Sebastian bit your neck harshly, making you shut your eyes tightly and moan again.

                Once the demon thought that the mark on your neck was noticeable enough, he threw off his tail coat, not caring what happened to it for once in his life. As the coat was discarded, he took off your shoes lovingly, along with slipping off his.

                Sebastian sat up and straddled you, staring down at your heated form. Just the way you laid there was turning him on more, and he knew that you felt the same about him. Your eyes locked with his as he started to take off his white gloves with his teeth, causing your blush to darken, if it could.

                With his gloves off, you could see that the butler’s finger nails were painted black, and the back of his right hand had a symbol on it. It looked like a star within a circle, and it hit you.

                The man was a demon. Why didn’t you see it before?! “Sebastian.” Your voice cracked slightly, “W-why me?”

                With his gloves tossed to the side, he hovered over you again, “(F/n), you’re everything I ever wanted. You are perfect.” Your eyes widen what he said that, making you become insecure again by covering your chest. “You are strong, you hold yourself very well, not only that, but you’re beautiful. I know how you feel about your body,” he grabbed your hands, moving them away from your chest and pinned them above your head as he used one hand to start undoing your corset, “Your body is beautiful. Why would I want a skinny woman? They wouldn’t be able to handle what I’m about to give you.” You blushed brightly as he ripped your corset away.

                The rush of cold air made you become lined with a layer of goose-bumps. You tried to cover yourself, but his grip was hard. He used his free hand to caress your curves. Seeing you like this; hot, flushed, even more so, vulnerable, something snapped inside of Sebastian.

                He let go of your hands and tore the rest of your clothing to shreds, starting with your bra, then down to your stockings and lastly, your panties.

                You flushed brightly, being absolutely new to this whole experience. The way his eyes roamed over your nude body, made you embarrassed slightly. You hoped what he said about your body being beautiful was true.

                It was. Seeing you like this beneath Sebastian made him become very possessive quite quickly. He smiled down at you with his eyes full of lust and want.

                You smiled back shyly, never at all being looked at like that before. Sebastian then bent down and started trailing kisses from your shoulder, down to the valley between your breasts.

                He didn’t waste time to take one of your nipples between his teeth and begin to suck and twirl it around in his mouth. You started to moan at this new attention, bringing your hands to his perfect raven hair. Being so sensitive, like any virgin would be, you began to feel a knot form in the pit of your stomach, and it only grew when he began to give your other nipple the same treatment.

                But the demon started to become inpatient.     

                Sebastian left your bust and sat back up and began to remove his clothes. He started with his tie and vest, getting them off rather quickly, threw them somewhere in the room. Next was his shirt. He unbuttoned the simple white shirt quickly, quicker than you ever could have managed. And lastly his slacks and underwear were removed and left the two of you nude.

                You felt something hard poking at your thigh. It confused you for a second, until you looked down. Once you looked, your face felt like it was on fire and you quickly looked away. There was no doubt that he was big, you even questioned if he would fit in you.

                The demon merely chuckled at your embarrassed face. He knew you had doubts, since he knew you were still a virgin.

                He positioned his manhood at your entrance and leaned down to your ear, “This is going to hurt, but it won’t last long, ok?”

                He didn’t give you enough time to respond, he just fully thrust into you in one quick motion. You cried out in pain, tears filling your eyes and spilling over. Sebastian wiped away your tears, feeling almost bad for doing this to you. No, he didn’t feel bad, you were his and he had the right to take your precious innocence from you.

                It was a miserable three minutes for Sebastian. He was using all his self-control he had left not to pound into you. But once the pain subsided, you bucked your hips slightly, causing a low moan of pleasure fill the room.

                Taking this as an ok to go, Sebastian started to thrust in you at a steady pace. You moaned with every thrust, gripping onto his shoulders.

                His pace was soon becoming too slow for your want, “S-Sebastian, faster.”

                He didn’t have to be told twice. He lifted your left leg over his shoulder and began to pound into you at an inhuman rate, not that you were complaining. Your moans started to become louder and higher in pitch, just fueling the man’s lust and desire.

                Just moving your leg slightly, Sebastian began to hit the spot in you that made you see stars. This expression didn’t go unnoticed by Sebastian. Seeing your face contort with pleasure even more, he began to thrust harder into that one special spot.

                The walls of your womanhood began to clamp down on him, signaling your end.

                Just with one more thrust, Sebastian sent you over the edge, screaming his name at the top of your lungs. Your vision went white and you came all over his thick, throbbing penis inside of you. But the said demon wasn’t finished with you.

                He pulled out and flipped you onto your hands and knees before entering you again. Sebastian began to thrust wildly again, not giving you a chance to adjust to the new position.

                This went on for what felt like forever. Sebastian made you climax three times before he himself came inside of you.

                You were panting and a sweaty mess when Sebastian laid down next to you. He pulled you into his chest and laid the covers over the two of yours forms. He sent light, feathery kisses over your shoulder and neck. You smiled to yourself before rolling over and facing him.

                He captured you in a long, passionate kiss when you turned to him. You laid your head down on his chest and drew circles there.

                “Sebastian?” You asked quietly.

                He stroked your hair and looked at you, “Yes?”

                You were a bit hesitant with your question, “Would you say you loved me?”      

                Sebastian was a bit taken aback by your question. He thought that he made it clear that he did, but then it hit him. You knew that he was a demon, and you must have thought it was a mere obsession he had.

                “I do love you (f/n), don’t think anything else.”

                You smiled and nodded, “I won’t, because I love you too.”         

                Sebastian smiled genuinely to himself before kissing the top of your head.

                No even five minutes later did the two of you fall asleep with the music from the ball in the distant back ground.




                The next morning Ciel went looking for Sebastian, knowing he never came back with you at the ball. He just thought that Sebastian took you to bed since you were actually falling ill.

                But when he tried to open the door to your room, he found that it was locked. He instantly began to panic. He shuffled through his pocket to find the universal key he hand for all the rooms.

                The young lord quickly found it and unlocked the door, only to be put into a state of shock.

                There you were, nude, in bed, curled up with Sebastian. A crimson blush rose to the lord’s cheeks as he quickly re-locked the room and left, basically running back to his study.

                Let’s just say Ciel never looked at you or Sebastian the same ever again. 

WTF is wrong with me?! yeah so it's my first lemon, dont hate me

4781 words..... YIKES.


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